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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calm After The Storm

The children were still on spring break today at Sanderlin elementary school so we did maintenance on the garden. 

The rapidly growing radishes were sticking their red shoulders out of the ground. We harvested around thirty radishes today. Most of them were simply beautiful, but a few we had let stay in the ground too long and had started to crack.

 The harsh, late winter weather had been hard on some parts of the garden. Due to the many days of strong wind, the delicate pea vines had become tangled. We spent some time trying to untangle them and encouraging them to grow vertically along their wooden support.

Either due to the bad weather or other problems, some of the chard was wilting and not doing well. We are hoping that it will be able to come back and continue to be successful in the days and weeks to come.


There were several baby broccoli starting to grow strong on their stocks. The broccoli are looking very strong and healthy and do not seem to have been harmed at all by the weather.

It was a beautiful day in the garden. The wind was stopping and the sun felt amazing on our skin as we pulled weeds, harvested radishes and tended to the plants that were struggling. I look forward to teaching the children again next week and to see their reactions to how the garden has changed and grown in their absence.

Lia Nydes

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