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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sprinklers and Smiles!

My hope still is to leave the world a little bit better for my having been here.
- Jim Henson
Tomato sprinklers in action!
While Pinellas County schools are enjoying their second day into Spring Break, Eckerd students are back bustling around campus after a much-welcomed week off.
Because there was no one at Lakewood to let us through to the garden today - our usual Tuesday morning shift - Robin asked that Sally, Andy and I (Red, Blue and Green team leaders, respectively) join Taylor and Olivia in fine-tuning Sanderlin's irrigation system.
A chilly 56 degrees, gusty winds and sunny skies made for a lively morning of sprinkler restoration.
The wonderful Robin giving us guidance.
Sanderlin's Peace Patch is modeled after the German style of beds known as hugelkultur. This form of 'wild composting' cultivates rich soil and most importantly works to retain moisture. Since the wood below the beds at Sanderlin isn't quite saturated as much as it needs to be, we devoted the morning shift to getting the sprinklers in tiptop shape. 
Taylor and Robin solving sprinkler snags!
With a constant biting wind keeping us alert and awake, we set out into the garden to tackle any misbehaving sprinklers. As we worked on faulty heads and new sprinkler rigs for neglected plants, surging sprinklers started erupting throughout the garden. To anyone passing by, it probably looked like something out of a Looney Tunes episode. I kept thinking to myself we were all playing the Frog Hammer game they have in arcades, where you whack a frog on the head with a rubber hammer whenever one pops up.
Sally and Andy keeping warm as they work their
sprinkler magic on the Three Sisters garden.
Securing a new head on a sprinkler spouting water is a tricky endeavor if you hope to stay dry. But despite cold hands and wet jeans, the morning turned out to be pretty amusing.
One thing is for certain - time in the garden is always time well spent!

Until next time,
Alix :)

Andy and the Three Sisters!
Sally and the Carrots!

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