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Friday, April 11, 2014

 Beautiful garden, beautiful minds, and beautiful weather.  What more could you ask for!?!

 The kids are preparing to teach Mat and Wes a song about the water cycle.
 It is always amazing to see the growth each week.

 Some of the students LOVE bugs! The teacher, however, does not.

Harvesting a bunch of kale makes everyone happy.
Today we talked about the water cycle.  What better way to learn than with a little song and dance in the garden?!? #gardeningwithkids #gardening #ediblepeacepatch #SanderlinIBworld
Today we learned about the water cycle.  What better way to learn something than with a little song and dance in the garden?!?  #gardeningwithkids #organicgardening #thefuture

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Join Our Earthday Workday

The Edible Peace Patch Project
invites you to join our
Earth Day Garden Workday
Saturday, April 19th
9 am - 1 pm

We'll be meeting at Campbell Park Elementary, 
1051 7th Avenue South, St. Pete, 33705

Morning refreshments will be provided.
Bring along your family and your gardening tools!

See you there!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 18th Sanderlin

Hank and I decided to grow more pineapples by planting the heads of old pineapples.

Here is a photo of the new pineapples we planted.

Hank doing some weeding of the beds.

The old pineapples look great they are starting to flower!

I did some maintenance of the bananas by stripping away old/dying branches thus allowing the bananas to breath better and produce new offspring.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pollination Proliferation

Every class we had today was really excited about the pineapples. Some kids were even begging us to take some home with them to raise themselves.
Due to the high attendance rate of butterflies, this was our primary subject for the pollination lesson.
I had a class try some of these mustard greens. Some enjoyed it, and so were just downright overwhelmed by the spice.
A few of the kids were really fascinated with this fungus.

Near the center of this photo, you should be able to see a pollinator.