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Monday, December 1, 2014

A final day of fun

This week is the final week that us college students will be volunteering at the garden this semester. Finals are coming up followed by winter break. Since it is the last time we would be spending together in our groups the lesson for this week was a fun review, we had a scavenger hunt! In the hunt we has some easy items to find, such as a leaf, and some harder ones that I talk about later.

This group of students were looking in our three sisters garden for some pollinators. Earlier in the semester we learned about good bugs for the garden and harmful bugs for the garden, pollinators and decomposers were memorable words for the students because it meant they could go look for bugs!  
In this picture students were playing on the mulch pile after they found decomposers. One of the volunteers Scott was excited to join them. After looking for bugs we found good and bad soil for plants to grow in. The students were clever in finding the good verse bad soil. Many students would find a dead plant and think that was where the bad soil was, but I had to remind them plants don't just depend on soil to grow and perhaps there was something else wrong with the plant for it to be dead. Still I was impressed with them remembering one of our first lessons. 

Before our classes left we would let them take one of the plants back with them. The second week of lessons we planted radishes and students were excited how big they had grown. This one above is the largest one to grow, so of course it was the first one to be picked! I would say it is the biggest radish I have ever seen. 

All and all I would say the students had a great time with this lesson. I am sad to be done with teaching, but hopefully I will have time next semester to volunteer again.