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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Wonderful Start to the Week

Welcome to Sanderlin!

Ahh.. today is Monday.  The day of the week that is dreaded by many.  Unlike the majority,  I look forward to my Mondays!  This is because I get to spend my morning at the Peace Patch.  The garden and the kids bring a brighter Monday to anyone willing.  

The garden at Sanderlin looking green and gorgeous.
Today was a pretty relaxed day at the garden.  I arrived with Liz at around 10:50 and we headed out to the garden.   Whenever I arrive at the garden,  I always walk around and observe all the new things that have either sprouted or flourished.  It is lovely to see the changes that can be made over a span of just a few days.   The garden was quite dry today but luckily it was going to get lots of water from the volunteers.  The kale has (thankfully) begun to make signs of sprouting a little bit more.   We also got to feel the size of the sweet potatoes and even got to pull one.  The size astonished both Liz and I! 
Hooray for Kale!

Liz after pulling sweet potatoes

Shortly after our arrival, we were greeted by our wonderful Kindergarten class.  We went over numerous things including the difference in seed sizes, where seeds are located in certain plants and the general appearances of miscellaneous seeds.  The kids were really intrigued by the variety of seeds.  We finished the lesson by walking around the garden and touching on different plants and their seeds.  We also refreshed on previous lessons and talked about the parts each plant has.  The kids were very willing to learn but also had lots of energy on this Monday morning.   As usual, the lessons seemed way too short and we said goodbye to our friends until next time. Liz and I finished the shift with some weeding.  Overall, it was a beautiful Monday in the garden!

Different seeds for todays lesson

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