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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Day, New Plan.

Upon our arrival at Sanderlin Elementary School, we knew we had our work cut out for us. With four classes scheduled and a lesson plan ready, we were surprised by Joyce, the volunteer coordinator for the school. Lugging two large boxes behind her, she presented us with detailed lesson plans designed to cover material the kids were learning in the classroom. Before today, it was our responsibility to create lesson plans for each week. This tended to create more difficulties when teaching than solutions. While our lesson plans were subject to change, as new teachers, it was challenging actually implementing them. Our lesson plans were somewhat disconnected from the classroom, that is to say that we were trying to teach the kids foreign concepts, whereas with a standard lesson plan, we are now able to more effectively teach the kids by building on things they have already learned.

This week started the new lesson plans given to us by Sanderlin Elementary School. The topic for the week was "Parts of a Plant." We began the lesson by testing the kids knowledge of a typical plant, which involved showing them a diagram with each part of the plant being easily distinguishable. After reviewing the different functions of each part of the plant, we led them into the garden to experience what they learned first hand. Carefully examining the plants throughout the garden, we made sure to point out the differences and similarities between the plants by allowing the kids to experience the garden through taste, touch, sight and smell. The kids were overjoyed to see an actual carrot ripped from the ground and to taste a fresh sunflower seed straight from the flower. At the end of the lesson we sent the kids on their way with a couple carrots to take back to the classroom so as to further explore the different parts of plants. I hope their further exploration into the natural world was delicious!


Paul M. Amsel

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