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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Old Faithful!

Since the children are on spring break, our focus in the garden this week is maintenance. Today, we arrived at the garden freezing. Upon opening the new shed, it being quaintly decorated, we found our job for the morning. Buckets full of tubing, nozzles, collars, and doohickies were retrieved from the shed, and we got to work on updating the irrigation system for the garden. Since we haven't had much rain recently, the hugleculture beds have been too dry, and it was our task to make sure every part of garden bed got fully soaked. But, the garden beds weren't the only things to get soaked.

(A geyser in the garden!)

Every now and then new geysers would appear, rocketing water skyward, from spray nozzles that happened to come loose. During our time working in the garden we would occasionally hear a fellow gardener yelp in dispair, as he or she got a face full of water. 

(Three Sister's Garden overflowing with growth)

With the improvement of the irrigation system, we have seen luscious growth in all of our plants. The Three Sister's Garden bed, shown above, is a prime example of the great vitality of the garden as whole.

With our main focus typically being the children, we've had little chance to garden. This week has been primarily concerned with gardening and its upkeep, which not only helps us know more about agriculture, it helps the kids as well. Considering next week, upon the return of the kids from spring break, we are now more familiar with the garden than ever. With our reinforced knowledge of the garden, we can't wait to teach! 

 (That's one big carrot!)

Paul M. Amsel

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