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Monday, March 25, 2013

SUPER-SIZED Spring Cleaning!

It's official, Spring has finally sprung here in St. Pete! This morning was our first day back in the Sanderlin Garden after break, and happened to be the first day of Spring Break for our kids. We were all pretty bummed that we wouldn't be able to see our classes, but we definately had our hands full - one week off is a loong stretch in "garden time" and there was a lot of work to be done!

Everything in the garden has grown incredibly since we  were last here, including the weeds. SO Taylor weeded, Sally watered, and I took advantage of the newly empty bed where the sunflowers had once prospered. Many of our Swiss Chard plants needed to be seprated and thinned, and so after remaking the bed (pun intended), I was able to give our greens some room to breath.

New Home for the Chard!
After moving the chard Sally and I thinned the carrots  as well, and we thought a lot about natural selection, if you've ever gardened you know that in this position, you are the 'selector'. It was a little sad to get rid of some of the smaller plants but we realized that there was a lot of harvesting to be done so in fact many of the smaller plants were saved after the larger ones were pulled.

We're always lucky and have something to harvest, here's Sally with our loot!

Because we were unable to share our veggies with the kids, we were lucky enough to get to bring them back to Eckerd to share and enjoy with our friends; not only did we get a tasty treat but I brought all the greens back to the school garden to be recycled as compost! 

One of my favorite parts of Peace Patch is experimental cooking with what we take home!

We're so excited to be back with our classes next week, but today was a great way to ease into this final, beautiful stretch of the school year!
I'll leave you all with some of the fantastic views from todays shift
Radishes peaking through! 
Sweet Potato Blossom

Beautiful Broccoli!

Liz D

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