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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lesson Plans Are A Go!

Today was a very productive day for the garden. We had no classes scheduled to come out this afternoon, so we focused on beautifying the gardens by watering and weeding. It was a sunny, yet brisk day for March! Nonetheless, it was still beautiful.

Bobby Watering Away!

While weeding I could not help but admire how quickly the plants have grown over the past couple weeks. From broccoli to the herbs everything is coming along nicely! I am so excited for the kids to be able to see and track the growth of the plants over the next couple of months and then eventually eat them of course!
The Broccoli!

The Fresh Herbs!   


About half way through our shift Robin graced us with her presence! Because we did not have any classes for the afternoon, Alix and I were given tasks outside of the garden. The wonderful teachers of Sanderlin created brilliant lesson plans for the students each week. Each lesson plan corresponds with what the students are learning about that week inside the classroom. Thus, Alix and I worked on duplicating the lesson plans for the other schools!

Lesson Plans!
Parts of the Plant


This particular week we are teaching the students about the different parts and functions of the plant. This morning the lesson was first taught at Sanderlin and it went seamlessly! Hopefully the rest of the week will go just as well and warm up a bit too!

Gracie Van Huffel

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