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Monday, April 1, 2013

Manic Monday

 Today was our kindergartener’s first day back from spring break, and boy could we tell! It was great to see them all and hear about their time off, especially one girl who has taken a great interest in what she's been learning at the Peace Patch and used her break to do “research on jungles and jungle plants” she was so excited to tell me about all the books she had found in the library! There was not a set lesson for today, and our time with the kids was used as review and exploration time. The kids had a great time finding all the changes that have occurred over the past two weeks, and begged for leafs of collards to munch on as they roamed around enjoying the return of the sunshine.

Beautiful Pepper Plants

Our lettiuce is loving the sun! 
It was great to be reunited with our pint-sized pals, but as I mentioned it was there first day back.. They were full of energy and Taylor, Sally, and I were challenged to keep patients and keep control. Although it was a little stressful, it gave us a chance to utilize some of the tricks we learned about in our class such as the quiet hands (everyone raises their hands with a peace sign until the group is quiet), and other little techniques to keep kids focussed. Even though it was a little hectic we did get a great review session out of our class and it's clear that even at a young age these kids are really retaining a lot of the information we've been serving them. A very encouraging start to the week!

Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine, but think of our gardens and throw in a quick rain dance for good measure! Bring on those April Showers!


PS We finally got a shed at Sanderlin! I think our kids were almost as excited as we were to see this new 'little building'


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