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Friday, April 5, 2013

No one out to play

It was a very rainy Thursday today. We were supposed to teach two class, but the children did not come out due to the rain. The garden had a peaceful feel to it and smelt amazing after the rain.                                          

 The rain allowed for many of the plants to perk up and they seemed to shine a little brighter after the good soak.
I really enjoy the new shed at Sanderlin elementary. We straightened up the little shed. There is something amazing about a neat stack of racks and shovels. It gives me the sense of respect and determination for the work at hand.

There are some extremely large broccoli coming up. They are doing amazing.

There are also beautiful. little yellow squash coming up. They are hard to find sometimes because the plant will prick you. The flowers are on the squash a lovely. I am excited to see the children's reaction to how much is growing the garden.



 A young egg plant is looking wonderful in the garden!

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