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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunshine is Here for Good!

As the past blog said, the sun was out and shining all week. That was perfect for our lesson because the lesson plan was on sunshine and how plants used it. As our second grade classes came out they knew all about how plants need sun and they even knew about photosynthesis. Our discussion before we went into the garden was mainly them telling us what they already knew. When we went into the garden the class walked around telling which plants needed more sun light depending on their leaf size.

(our first class eating the lettuce and holding out their hands representing how plants would take in sunlight)

(our second class showing the lettuce that they were about to taste)

As you can see from the pictures both of the classes found the bed of lettuce. They were telling me how the lettuce clearly needed lots of energy from the sun and that is why the leafs were so big. Most of the kids loved the lettuce and came back for seconds and thirds. I don't know if anyone remembers my friend Grub I talked about earlier in the semester, but he is in there with a piece of lettuce in his mouth! He told me that he was being risky today by trying the vegetable and it honestly made my day! I talked about earlier how all I wanted to do was for him to eat a vegetable and he did. He ate the whole leaf too. 

(Some kids checking out the squash) 

(cucumber and squash that I harvested) 
- Dani

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