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Monday, April 15, 2013

A hot and fun Monday

What a lovely day at the garden,

Wow! Today was an especially warm morning.  The weather in Florida is starting to return to its hot and humid self.  Upon arrival,  I did a little walk around the garden and observed all the fruits and vegetables that were beginning to really flourish.    The amount of green that has invaded the garden is so beautiful.  Compared to what it started at just a few months ago,  the progress has been simply amazing.   Returning every new time to the garden is becoming such an exciting event, filled with a surprise each time.  That is the beauty of gardening!


Beans climbing!


The lesson plan for the kids today was focused on the seasons.  We talked about the difference in plant growths within the four seasons.  We also discussed what fruit or vegetable grows best in which season.   The kids were really engaged today and it was quite rewarding to see how excited they got about answering questions.   After we sat and talked for a little bit, we all went and walked around the garden.  We looked at the progress of the garden and the kids were amazed at the size of the peppers and how sweet the peas tasted.  The connection that has been built between these kids is really starting to show.  I appreciate them just as much as they appreciate me!

Talking with the kids
Overall, it was once again a lovely and successful at the Sanderlin Garden.  

Goodbye for now,

Sally :)

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