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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bug Hunt!

Todays lesson was all about insects, generally a fan favorite amongst the kids, today was no exception. At the beginning of the lesson we sat all the kids down and went over the different types of insects, and their garden niches, and basic anatomy. After reflecting on all that bugs do in the garden, it was time to go see them in their natural habitats. So the kids begin a great, and often funny hunt for bugs. Make sure you are ready to find some cockroaches if you pick up a log! Commonly found insects included roly polys, butterflies, moths, bees, cockroaches, beetles, worms, ants, lady bugs and spiders. 
(These young scientist found a nest of roly polys)

(Cockroach and its eggs, a big hit with the students)

The Sanderlin garden is absolutely bursting with fresh produce that is close if not ready to be picked and eaten, a task that our kids excel at. Some cucumbers, banana peppers, and sweet potatoes were harvested by some of our kids to either eat as a snack, or to take home and share with their parents. With the harvest festival coming up, soon it will be time to harvest most everything and begin to look towards next semester garden. In the picture below you will see a bunch of mescaline greens that are hanging up to dry, so we can get their seeds to plant in the fall. The harvest festival is May 8th at the Enoch Davis Center, I hope to see you all there!


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