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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello again, Amy here reporting on today's activities for the 11am-1pm shift. Today was very exciting because we finally got the meet the students! It was a packed day trying to complete lessons one and two within only 20 minutes. Three classes came out, one kindergarten and two first grade classes. John, Diane and myself were all very surprised from the students knowledge about gardening. They were well versed in how plants grow, which made the lesson plans easy to complete. After familiarizing the students with the garden, we finally got to plan some radish seeds. We did not get to plant the lettuce seeds which we had hope to do, but we can always save them for a later week. Overall, we had a fun day planting with the students and look forward to seeing the radish grown.

Peace and Carrots,


Bed we planted in 

Planted radish seeds 


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