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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday in the Sanderlin Peace Patch

Olivia and I weeded the Northern bed around the nucleus today, before our first class came.   There was recently transplanted items in there (do not remember the plant).  We also looked for and turned any melons we found.

We had Mrs. Dillon’s kinder garden class, and they were quite excited.  We had a couple return children from last year, and they remembered some of last year’s rules.  Olivia explained soil composition in terms of geological (brake down of rocks into clay and sand, through weathering and erosion), biological (decay of wood and leaves from trees from decomposers), and we touched on the hydrological.  We got our hands in the soil, and discussed what we saw.  The kids noticed the irregular sizes of soil, along with the rocks and stones that were in there.  We then took soil sample from varying spots to see the soil make up of the garden, the soil starter, and a sandy area around a nearby oak.

 During our wrap up we revisited everything we talked about, and we tried to get them to understand who the decomposers are.  At the end Olivia and I received several hugs, and of course the good feelings that come with hugs.

After our class, we finished weeding the northern bed and we then weeded the sisters (Three Sisters).  Then we watered where necessary, pretty much everywhere.  We then observe that the pepper plants on the south side of our nucleus, seemed to be having troubles.   They were noticeably dry looking, with some discoloring and perhaps had some pest visitation.  I believe that it does not look like nutrient depletion, after some of the research that I’ve read.  I am leaning towards pests, because of the small holes in some of the leaves.  Pests can also remove moister in the soil, and this may also cause the wilting appearance.  It was very hot today which would explain dry soil.  We should keep close watch on this area, and put out positive energy that maybe the peppers were just hot today.  All in all, a fun day!



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  1. Olivia and Wes our class really enjoyed the visit and have learned so much already. What we are learning from you in the garden is carrying over into our classroom conversations:-) My students are anxious to plant seeds and watch everything grow. We will see you again on Monday.