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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Work Day!

Hello again. This Friday, all of the Friday shifts worked at the Sanderlin garden because it needed some extra help. This was decided because there was no school at either of the schools on this Friday so no lessons would be taught to any students and there was some work that needed to be done at Sanderlin. There were a few beds that had not been amended yet and were in desperate need. On the last shift of the day Mary Kate, Noah, Robin and myself put the finishing touches on the newly amended beds. We began by planting black eyed pea seeds in one of the finished beds. Next, we finished off another bed that had been amended earlier by adding topsoil to it. We then moved to another bed where we planted carrots, radishes, peas, and sunflowers. While we were planting, Robin was hard at work watering all of the beds. The hoses at Sanderlin had a few holes in them so Robin kindly went to go get new hoses so we would not be wasting any water. Next week we will be teaching the students about the water cycle so we best not be wasting water while we teach about the water cycle and conserving water. The shift flew by as we finished our work in amazement of how one days work with everyones help can create a beautiful product. Good work and teamwork everyone!

Peace and carrots,

Mary Kate and Noah planting peas

Black eyed peas

Mary Kate and Noah adding topsoil 


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