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Friday, October 12, 2012

Plant Parts Rap!

“Whoa!  Here they come!” 
I exclaimed to Johnathan and Amy.   Running across the field toward the garden (like a heard of young buffalo) came our first batch of Sanderlin students.  Ms. Gonzalez’s Kindergarten class was eager to learn, eager to explore, and eager to ask questions.  Today’s lesson plan was Plant Parts!  Earlier Johnathan, Amy, and I agreed that I would start the learning experience by reinforcing the previous week’s lesson on soils and then Amy would introduce this week’s lesson on plant parts.  After that, Johnathan would split the kids into our groups for the “Plant Parts Reinforcement Tour” of the garden. 
Amy did a fantastic job using her body as a real-life prop to discuss the parts of a plant.  She pointed to her head as the flower or fruit, her hair as seeds, her body as the stem, arms as leaves, and legs as the plant’s roots!  Then she reinforced the point that all plants basically have these main parts and that each specific plant has one or more of its parts that is edible.  For instance, we eat the stems of the celery plant, the roots of the carrot plant, the seeds of a corn plant, the fruit of the watermelon, and the flower of the broccoli plant!  I must admit that I really never contemplated this amazing fact.  It made me think and observe plants and growing vegetables in a whole new light!   She made it all interesting and funny for the kids by wiggling, flapping, and jumping about.  The students were enthralled and all smiles.  Amy promised the Kindergartners that if they were very good learning the lesson and touring the garden she word rap the plant song for them.

Plant Parts Rap!!
 Plants are our friends, we give them special care.
They feed, they shelter, they give us fresh air!
Without plants in our world, we simply could not live,
Because of all of the awesome gifts that they give!
The tiny plant begins as a seed that germinates.
And from this moment on, here’s the journey that it takes!
The roots are in the dirt to help the plant grow
And hold it in place when the wind blows.
Just like a soda straw, they suck up H20 .
And when the plant gets water, stand back and watch it grow!
Stems hold the plant up, they carry water to
The leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds... that’s what the stems do!
Leaves grow from the stem. They soak up lots of sun.
When they change it into food, then their job is done!
The food is for the plant-it gives it strength and power.
It helps it to grow and make a nice flower!
Wind, birds, and bees... these are a flowers friend.
They help the life cycle to start once again!
The flower makes a fruit with a seed deep inside.
Some are eaten, some are blown, or some just hitch a ride!
Once a fruit is dried and a little seed comes out,
The seed will find the dirt and a new plant will sprout!

Fondly reporting, Ms. Diane

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