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Friday, September 21, 2012

Amy, John and Diane
                                                       John and Diane amending the bed
                                                                 The finished bed

This afternoon from the 11am-1pm shift John, Diane and myself finished amending the last half of the bed  against the 23rd St S. fence. I had hoped to add the bamboo fencing around the bed but unfortunately time  ran out due to a falt wheelbarrow tire. Even though I did not finish as much as I had hoped to, I was still very proud of finally completeing one of the larger beds in the garnden. It was a goal I had looked forward to last week. While I was working I noticed a bit of trash and misplaced materials surrounding the garden. So, once I finished the bed Diane and myslef cleaned up the around the garden to give it an extra shine, while John put away all of our work materials and organized the other gradening equipment. Overall it a successful afternoon once again and I am excited to finally meet the students next week!

Peace and Carrots,
- Amy

Food for thought:

                                                           Is this plant a monocot or dicot?

                                                                We'll find out next week.

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