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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello again, Anna-Grace here. Today, Edna and I weeded the area for the Mustard Greens to be planted and saw a baby snake under the banana tree!! He was a cutie but disappeared soon after. We were going to plant the greens and garden beans with the kids but unfortunately, they did not get to come out today. We kept our heads high though and watered all the thirsty plants anyway. It was a super hot afternoon but everything is growing at a rapid speed! The sweet potatoes' leaves are multiplying before my eyes. Every week, they are bigger and better. I saw 3 peppers that had also grown bigger since last week and the banana trees and pineapples are looking great too. There are still some plants waiting to get in the ground but they are growing in their pots patiently waiting to join their friends in the dirt. Next week, we will hopefully meet our 1st, 2nd, and 7th graders. I'll keep you posted!!

Xo, AG

ready to work!!

rasberries and basil leaves.

sweet potatoes

banana tree and peppers all around



fallen but still yummy 

corn and squash


more basil!

Hank's pineapple forest!

watering the thirsty tree


gorgeous basil

seed plan

sad that we did not get to play seed games :(

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