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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday at Sanderlin with Edna and Anna-Grace

Today, Edna and I went out to Sanderlin at 1:30, super excited for our first day with the kids. We couldn't stop talking about them and were highly anticipating their arrival for the class at 3:00. So we got to weeding to kickstart our day and cleaned up the beds where the grass was being pesky. We got a good hour in before the eery dark clouds that had been in the distance were suddenly directly above us. We hoped and hoped that the thunder wouldn't bring rain, but sure enough the Florida weather got the best of us, and the rain began. Only 20 minutes before our kids were to arrive! So- we headed inside and waited it out- which ended up being a great time to interact with other students that were in the hustle and bustle of leaving school for the day. Better luck next week! None the less- the peppers were bigger than last week and the sweet potatoes leaves seem to be multiplying. I am really excited to see the rest of the fruits and veggies start growing and even more excited for the students at Sanderlin to come out and join us!

That's all for today-

yet to be planted but already growing!

banana leaves!

"we want water!!"

so beautiful!


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