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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This week in the garden we're talking all about the plant cycle which lead us to a lot, and a lot, of questions! We wanted to start thinking about things that are going in our garden, especially with seeds we planted just a few weeks ago.

So we started out with a walk around the garden. Each group member took a turn taking us to a new spot and showed us things that they observed in that area. Every one was able to see something new, and unique about each place; whether it was new growth, certain bugs, or damage.

In each location we brainstormed questions we could ask about the things we saw. Like why are some of our pineapple plants smaller than others? What could be affecting their growth?

Or we would see things like plants with 'holes' in them and wonder what/who could be causing this kind of damage and why (maybe Pab can help us out with this one!).

After our walks they had time to record one observation, a corresponding question, and a hypothesis that could be tested to understand the observation better.

Looking forward to what next week brings in the garden!

Stay well,

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