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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Observation and Weeding

Monday of this week was cool and cloudy. Our first class came out and they were excited to start learning our lesson for this week. Our lesson was very similar to the past few weeks. We went back to the plants they measured last week and observed if there were any changes from one week to the next. Most of the students didn't see much change from one week to the next, but the students who observed the radish noticed it had grown bigger. 

In this image one of the Zach is telling my his observations about the plant. Then he made a hypothesis about what will be different next week. He is looking at one of the radish plants our class planted the second week of lessons. 

After the students looked over their plant for the second week and discussed with me changes and similarities they wrote about it in their journal. With this work done and time still left I thought it would be fun to let the students get their hands dirty! I brought my group over to a bed over grown with weeds and showed them how to properly pull a weed getting as much of the root as possible. While we were pulling weeds the students told me why we need to take care of the beds and what weeds do to the plants. At the end of the lesson I had my students make a hypotheses about what the bed we weeded will look like next week. Will there be more weeds? 

Right before it was time for the students to finish their lesson it started to rain and we only had one class come out. Hopefully our next few weeks will be better weather so we can finish up all the lessons with our classes! 

Until next week,

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