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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Science in the Garden

These past two weeks at the garden have been focused on the scientific method.  In our lessons we have been working on how to form hypotheses, what are appropriate measurements to make and what our measurements will tell us.  For Sanderlin this week it was an introduction to the scientific method since last week was Thanksgiving break and the week before that they had a Teach-In day so neither class was able to join us in the garden.  Ms. Singletary's second grade class were well taught on the scientific method already so it was a quick instruction and then the kids were out into the garden to measure our favorite plants; the sunflowers and the banana tree (which is 30 inches tall from base to first frond in case you were curious).

 Ms. Mukherjee's first grade class had been working on the scientific starting this year and were excited to get out and measure everything we had in the garden. They worked on measuring anything from okra to a couple of the weeds in the garden.  This class always has a lot of energy and great enthusiasm for the garden and learning.  They love taste testing the lemon grass and basil as well as looking for bugs and usually stay out in the garden for over 30 minutes. 

Savannah and Emory measuring okra.
Haley as she measures some basil
Camile and I have a blast teaching these kids at Sanderlin, both Ms. Singletary's and Ms. Mukherjee's classes, and have bonded with them over the past few months, it'll be upsetting to have to leave them in a week.  It has been beyond rewarding to watch them learn and in such a hands on way. Its extremely fulfilling to receive a handful of hugs every time these two classes leave and always start my Thursday's out with a smile on my face thanks to these kids!

Mulch in transition!
Camile is so happy to be moving the mulch pile
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