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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Round Two Scientific Method

Hello everyone! 

In the garden, we reviewed with the students what the scientific method was, and went over some of the hypothesis that we had made two weeks ago before thanksgiving. We took our data sheets and scattered throughout the garden measuring and counting our hypothesis. Many students were surprised to how close their hypothesis was to the result. For example the banana tree. 

We had counted roughly 44 unripened bananas two weeks ago. The hypothesis was , if it grew for two more weeks then the total  number of unripened bananas would be 54. The total number of the bananas counted were 51! It was a very close and great hypothesis.

We also watered the garden and went on a small bug hunt with the left over time.

Next week is the last and final assessment week. The students have worked very hard this semester and have been great learners. I have confidence that they do wonderfully on their creative assessment.

Peace and carrots,


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