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Friday, November 2, 2012

Native Plants Week!

This week- Edna and I introduced the lesson on native, introduced, and invasive plants. The kids were really interested in how this worked so many examples were used. My personal favorite was Edna describing accidentally bringing back a banana seed from Puerto Rico (her native land) and it falling into the Sanderlin garden and then a banana tree grew. Of course this did not happen, but the kids easily understood the concept at that point.

 Here are a few pictures of the progress.

Green Pepper

Some of the almost ready to be harvested watermelons!

A HUGE cucumber

Seeing out little second graders is the highlight of the week. It is so inspiring to see how excited they get to learn about the garden- even about weeding!! We did some of that this week and they learned how to pull the entire root out. Every time, they wanted to show us how they had picked correctly and I couldn't have been prouder. Also- the teachers have been so helpful providing examples that explain the concepts in a simpler way, so thank you teachers!
xo, Anna-Grace Owens

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