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Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello again, today was yet again another beautiful Friday afternoon to be in the garden! From spending Fall Break in Boston and experiencing a little bit of Hurricane Sandy's wrath, it was great to see that the gardens were not harmed by the storm. After all of the students hard work it would have been devastating to see the garden in a tarnished state. This afternoon we had the Plant Ecology lesson where we taught the students about Florida's native, introduced and non-native plants. Diane led the students on a tour of the garden and pointed out all the native plants for the students to study and observe. For the interactive activity students went out into the garden and collected dead dried leaves and did rubbings of the leaves. We then tried to identify which leaf type the did a rubbing of and discussed the venation.  The students were very proud of their rubbings and took them home to share with their parents.

Peace and Carrots,


Diane leading the native plants tour 

A students leaf rubbing 

                                                    A watermelon we harvested last week

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