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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sun

Today's lesson was about the sun. We are doing an experiment in the garden with two buckets of water. One will be kept in the shade for a week and one will be kept in the sun. Then next week we will look to see how much water has evaporated.

The sixth grade students did a blog this week as part of their lesson. They were told they could write about anything that related to the garden.

 Every week my class helps with the various garden tasks. In the picture above we were removing the moss from the garden and putting it in the compost bin.

And here a lot of the girls from the class teamed up together to spin the compost. 

The most exciting part about the lesson for me was reading the student's blogs. So I will end by posting one of the student's blogs.

"If you think about it, we revolve around the sun.
Not just our planet but our lives.
If we didn't depend on the weather,
there would less weddings, poems, and happy days.
If we didn't depend on its rays,
There would be less plants, causing death and hunger and poverty in different areas.
If we didn't depend on the sun,
there would be more depression and less smiles.
Therefore depend on the sun."
By: Hannah Peterson

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