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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"A flower is an educated weed."...Luther Burbank

Today was hot during our high-noon shift! We do not have students during our shift which gives us plenty of time to do maintenance work around the garden. Today we mainly focused on weeding the sedges out of the bed. We recently found out that the mulch we used for the edges and paths in the garden have sedge seeds which makes weeding a never ending fiasco. 

Overall the garden looks happy! Bees, butterflies and birds all seem to enjoy the garden and have grown accustomed to it. The garden is really developing.

I am happy to see that the okra plants next to the banana tree are growing well! I got the seeds from the okra at Lakewood Elementary last semester and planted them at Sanderlin during my first shift this semester.

Some pictures I took:

Several basil plants are sprouting!

The okra plants have beautiful flowers.

Radishes are almost ready to harvest.

The three sisters bed is flourishing!

There is still plenty of work to be done but the progress of growth is very encouraging!

Julia Melton

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