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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A rough day turns sunny

Friday was a tough day. We started the morning with a too poigniant and devastating reminder of our own mortality. As you may know, one of the peace patchers passed away at the beginning of the week. Though I never knew him in life, he was one of those stars that shined so brightly; He will continue to shine for a long time to come. Our bodies die, but those of us who really live… live on regardless.

My partner, who leads the social justice club at Eckerd, had an engagement this morning so I was on my own. Fine by me. I love those Sanderlin kids and could spend all day passing along fun and knowledge.

This day, we talked about how stars effect plants. Well, one particular star especially. These kindergarteners were again on top of it. We talked about how big, old and far away the sun is. They conjectured about whether the earth had any other energy source. We came to the discovery that for millions of years plants were the only energy converters allowing all life to exist. We chatted about how different plants have different sized leaves, use different amounts of sun and pass that energy along in different ways.. Did I mention these are kindergarteners?

Parents, be proud!

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