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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This Wednesday at Sanderlin the kids learned about seeds. The weather started out gloomy and drizzly, but soon the sun came out just in time for the kids to "be" a seed, stretch out their arms like they're sprouting, and turn to face the sun just like a flower might. The kids liked this so much we "grew into a plant" several times! We learned what common fruits have seeds--like peaches, oranges, and apples--and how a seed might get into the ground to grow--through the activities of squirrels, birds, and insects. We talked about what a seed needs to grow, and then it was time to get our hands in the dirt! The kids had lots of fun planting broccoli and radishes! One student very excitedly and proudly announced that he had recently planted black eyed peas with his grandparents; another student wanted to stay by the garden bed to watch the seed he planted grow. It's so wonderful to hear students so excited about gardening. In the coming weeks, we will be observing the growth of our garden and talking about the very important role of pollinators.

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