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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sanderlin - 2nd Grade - Lesson #4 Pollination

Last Wednesday (11/2), we learned about pollination! We had a wonderful time and had a delicious snack while learning. Once the kids found out the snack was Cheeto puffs, they went nuts. I didn't realize how much they liked Cheetos, but I have to agree with them, they were delicious. While we were teaching about pollination (before the activity), I was glad to see that they knew more about pollination than I originally thought. So, instead of teaching them about pollination, which they already knew, it gave us more time to be able to answer slightly more complex questions when it came to pollination. They had awesome questions and we were excited to be able to go into more detail about the process. Once we started the activity, we sorta lost control because the excitement of having Cheetos was too much for the kids to handle, but regardless, the activity went well and we had so much "pollen" on our flower cups! Unfortunately we still didn't have our garden notebooks, so instead we came together as a class to reflect on our time in the garden and what we learned today and do a quick recap of the previous weeks. We have some smart kids!! They are doing so awesome and I'm so excited to come back every week and learn more and play more. 

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