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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This Wednesday at Sanderlin we had a garden work day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with cool breezes and clear blue skies, and we had many hands show up to help set up and maintain the garden! Today we focused on weeding, adding fresh soil to garden pathways to make them safer and more comfortable to walk on, and on building a raised garden bed. To build the bed, we first start with a level layer of soil, upon which we place cardboard to block any weeds. We construct the wooden frame, place it on top of the cardboard at our chosen site, and line it with pond liner. After that we fill the bed with a thick layer of mulch, followed by layers of soil-builder, fresh fruit and vegetable scraps, ash, and coffee grounds. These will all decompose and create a wonderful soil full of nutrients for the plants! To top it all off, we finish with a thick layer of seaweed, which will retain moisture and help enrich the soil as it also breaks down.

The kids did not come out today but we are very excited for next week when we will be learning about seeds!

Freshly pruned banana trees!
A layer of cardboard

 Building the wooden frame

A layer of yummy and nutritious carrot, spinach, apple, and pineapple scraps!
A freshly made bed capped with seaweed. We are almost ready for planting!

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