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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prepping the Gardens!

Hello Everyone!

This week is all about prepping the gardens for the kids this semester. Today at Sanderlin Elementary School, we worked on taking out the old pole beans, the dead sunflowers, taming those tomatoes, and general maintenance so that the garden will be ready to receive both kids and seeds by next week!

                                                       (Before my shift began)

(1 Hour into my shift)

Shannon and Hank arrived at the end of my shift and work with a local organic farmer on the eggplants (below)

Today was my first time in the garden since being back at school, and working outside and with the plants made me even that much more excited about working with kids next week. The most valuable thing that we could ever put in the garden are the kids and I am so excited for these beds to be ready for their eager and smiling faces.


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