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Monday, February 20, 2012

Second Week of Teaching at Sanderlin!

This weeks lesson is on the MAGIC of seeds!! The students loved this lesson because it was very hands on. First I passed around three different types of seeds. We looked at the seeds and observed them using the five senses! We felt the three different seeds, which were all very different from each other. We smelt them but most did not give off much of a scent. We observed different characteristics of the seeds like texture, size, shape, color and weight. The three seeds we used were beet, Okra, and Broccoli. Then we made the connection that the three seeds they were holding were all vegetable seeds. We also talked about the basic elements that seeds need to grow. And we expanded on this as we planted the seeds!

So first seeds need soil. We gathered some soil and put it in a pot together.

All the students planted their own seed in the bucket.

They really enjoyed planting all the seeds. They really like hands on learning.

Touch the earth softly.

By: Kate Farley
Eckerd College Senior

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