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Monday, February 13, 2012

First Day Teaching!

Welcome to the first day of teaching at Sanderlin Elementary School located in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Today I arrived and did some general maintenance on the garden. The Sanderlin Edible Peace Patch was constructed in January of 2012. Most of the construction was completed at this time but there is still some work to be done. The garden is designed in a circular formation. It has one main circle and then smaller circles outside the main circle.

Above shows one of the circle areas outside the main circular garden. Some parts of the garden are growing, which is very exciting!

 We have some bright green lettuce growing!

Along with some herbs in the middle of the garden.

And some more different colored lettuce.

Above shows the center of the garden. As you can see it is still under it's last bits of construction! Above shows a before picture, before the mulch was laid down today.

Some work in progress. Some of the mulch has been put down.

And the middle section of the garden now has mulch! This was the last bit of mulch that needed to be put down. So one more step completed!

This is the outdoor classroom. The students love sitting on the seats that are logs!

  The 10am - 12pm shift enjoyed the company of Ms. Keatings kindergarden class!
They are very excited for their tour of the garden!

The class touring the garden!

On the tour, I taught the students about the leafy greens we had growing. And we went over some of the basic rules of the garden. The students had a blast! Many were saying "This is AWESOME!" That made my day. 

The students loved taking pictures! In this one we are surrounding the herb garden area. 

We clapped and raised our hands to show our love for the Sanderlin Edible Peace Patch!

And at the end of the lesson we played a game of red light, green light. This game was used as an assessment to gather information on the students prior knowledge of gardens. 

The students had a blast! And at the end as a reward for good behavior and a job well done on the assessment game we handed out valentines day stickers!

By: Kate Farley
Eckerd College Senior

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