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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tons of Work (Literally)

According to our calculations, there were 110 people participating in the contributor* day at Sanderlin IB World School last Saturday.  Together we moved a lot of dirt.

We estimated the following information:

• Total surface area of the beds = 1,100 square feet.
• Depth of beds = 2.5 feet.

Total Volume of Dirt Excavated: 2,750 cubic feet or 102 cubic yards!!

Dirt weighs about 2,700 pounds per cubic yard.

102 cubic yard x 2,700 pounds = 275,400 pounds of material excavated!

That's more than the weight of a Boeing 757!

On average our contributors moved 2,500 pounds of dirt each!  
(Did you feel it in your back on Sunday?)

Together our contributors shoveled 45,833 shovelfuls of dirt or about 417 shovelfuls each.

Thank you contributors!!  You did tons!

* We use the world contributor instead of "volunteer" because of the value of the work people are doing for us.

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