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Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the trenches

We were back at it by 9:00 a.m. yesterday.  Over the week some more layers and additional organic matter had been added to several beds.  Others needed finishing.

The pictures tell the story.  Another day of hard work in the trenches.

Each incomplete bed required first a shaping of edges to form the catchment at the bottom:

Logs were hauled and lowered in the trenches atop an impermeable layer and a thick pile of mulch:

Everyone lent a hand.

Even the kids, between games of King of the Mountain and Hide -n- Seek.

This trench has its logs in place and is ready for another larger pile of mulch:

Here we've added food compost atop the mulch:

A lost cell phone became an artifact for another generation to find.

It took a lot of wheel barrows of mulch to fill the trenches.

And lots and lots of love.

Katie Shaefer, our volunteer coordinator and excellent photographer, took some shots at the end of the day.  Edges:


Our smaller bed of greens and spices (complete):

The grand entrance to the larger garden:

What a wonderful school community!


  1. Fascinating engagement with the history of this land as well, picking out old bricks, pipes, and fill -- prompting lots of questions, "hey what was here before school?"

  2. "Mrs. Clark's" house, it turns out. More to come on that. :)

  3. Who is Mrs. Clark? Do we have a picture of her?