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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Root --> Stem --> Leaf --> Flower

This week in the garden we are talking about parts of the plant. My groups learned four parts of a plant that all (or almost all) plants have. These parts are, roots, stem, leafs and flowers. Each student in my group had a turn talking about a part of the flower and what the main function was, luckily I had four people per group so everyone got a turn to speak! After we talked about the parts of the flower and what they do we got to pick some weeds and look at real plants and their parts. 

Once students had plants in their hand they got very excited to show the parts of their plant and also tell differences their weed had compared to other students. All three of my groups really liked the roots and found it interesting the different styles of roots they saw. 

Lastly we went to the compost and quickly talked about what compost is and how it is effective in gardening. Over all the students were engaged and excited to share their knowledge about plants. 

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