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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leaf printing and plant identification

November 6,2013

It's a lovely fall day at the garden plenty of sun and a bit windy.. The plants are growing exceptionally well and the student are quite excited to see the flowers and vegetables  they planted grow.  The past few weeks  were full of lessons that consisted  of  the type of soil the plants needed and how it is different from regular soil, i.e. composting , coffee grounds, ect. We also discussed the different parts of the plant, and the hydrological cycle among other things.
This week we took the kids out to learn a little about native and exotic plants. Although some of them were confused and could not interpret the meaning of  native and exotic species, they did a good job describing the characteristics the plants consisted of (this was mainly the 3-5 yr olds).
We finished the lesson by having them collect some of  the different plant leaves and  colored them for a leaf print. They were very excited and  were enthusiastic about their drawings. They started to identify the differences  between the different leaves.

Elizabeth and Caroline

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