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Thursday, February 21, 2013


After a stress-filled week going into a peaceful garden is always a nice break. Even if there are other people around you it seems that each person takes the same thing from a garden. That would be personal time to think about what ever is bothering or making them happy. If a student or person of any kind goes into a garden stressed most times they will leave feeling a little better. That is exactly how I felt after leaving the garden today.

At first when the rest of my group and I got to the garden we weren't sure exactly what we were going to do. There was only a short list of tasks and the tasks were not going to take up two hours. Planting beans and watering the beds was all that was required from us today.

Halfway through the shift a group of kids showed up. This was one of the first classes that I had as well as the other girls and it took us by surprise. Talking to these young folk made me really excited about what was going on with this peace patch and what the kids could get out of it.
One of the boys in my group insisted that I call him "Grub" instead of his real name. The first reason he gave me was because he loved looking for the grubs in the garden. Later I learned that he also did not like vegetables at all. He said the only part of the garden he would eat is a grub because he considered himself a carnivore.
Although he told me that he has already worked in a garden I hope that somehow I can show him the beauty and deliciousness of veggies. I know that this garden probably won't be life changing for the children, but at least getting a class of second graders to all appreciate vegetables would be enough for this semester of work to be worth it for me.

Dani Cleary

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