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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planting Pricklies

Yesterday morning at Sanderlin, we did a lot of planting including artichokes, chamomile, and pineapples. I really hope those artichokes thrive, it's my favorite vegetable, and we planted about 9 of them. We also added another 7 pineapples to the pineapple patch, though the dirt in there is very hard and dry, and could really use some fluffing up. The sedge seems to be fairly under control, but we pulled whatever we saw in the beds. We also planted some chamomile by the back fence, though it was rather hard to plant, because the seeds are so tiny, but I hopeful that they'll grow fine. We were supposed to have a kindergarten class at 11:30ish, but they never showed up, witch is actually quite alright, we needed the extra time to plant the pineapples anyway. Though the Sanderlin garden looks naked, and bare in contrast to Lakewood, it is still a very young garden, and I think we shall see a great rise in the aesthetic of Sanderlin this season.

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